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A Flight Across America: North to South on the MONTAER MC-01 with Only One Pit-Stop.

MONTAER's pilot braved the icy winds of Wisconsin Rapids, WI as he embarked on a journey to transport the coveted MC01 to the sunny skies of DeLand, FL. With precision and efficiency, he made only one stop to refuel and rest before continuing his journey.

January 09th of 2023, noon. Time to take off from the Alexander Field Airport in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

It was a journey that Alex, the pilot of the MONTAER MC-01, would never forget. It was a journey that tested his skills and abilities, but also rewarded him with breathtaking views and a newfound appreciation for the power of technology and engineering.

As he braved the icy winds of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Alex knew he was embarking on a journey that would be challenging. The temperatures were just south of the 30's Fahrenheit, and the weather was cloudy and cold. But Alex was prepared for anything, and he took off from Alexander Field Airport with confidence and determination.

With his Montaer aircraft equipped with two Garmin G3X Touchscreen units and a Garmin G5 with a GMC 507 Auto-Pilot, Alex was able to navigate his way through the clouds and the wind with ease. The aircraft's remarkable range and fuel efficiency allowed Alex to make only one stop to refuel and rest before continuing his journey.

As he flew over the beautiful white sceneries of the north, Alex realized that this trip would be much easier than he had anticipated. The comfortable leather seats, yoke controls and interior space of the MONTAER MC-01 allowed him to trim the plane to stretch himself in flight, reposition his body, fold and unfold the legs, and enjoy the stunning views that only America's skies can offer.

With each passing hour, Alex was amazed at how low the gas consumption was. The ROTAX 912iS engine in the MONTAER MC-01 was capable of burning an average of 4.2 gallons/hour while cruising at an average of 113 Knots/hour. This allowed Alex to make it to his final destination at MONTAER AIRCRAFT facilities out of DeLand Municipal Airport, Deland FL, with ample fuel to spare.

As he arrived at the MONTAER AIRCRAFT facilities, Alex checked the fuel levels to provide his final flight report, and he realized that there was still enough gas to make it to Miami or even further if needed. He was impressed with the fuel efficiency and the range of the MONTAER MC-01, and he couldn't wait to take it up for another flight.

At the end of his two-day journey, Alex was asked if he would be tired and needed rest. But he was eager to take the next day for demo-flights in the MONTAER. He had fallen in love with the plane and its capabilities, and he was excited to show it off to others.

As he reflected on his journey, Alex knew that it was a testament to the power of technology and engineering. The MONTAER MC-01 had made his journey comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient, and he knew that it was a plane that he would love to fly again and again.

Below are some pictures from this expedition.

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