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The Montaer LSA aircraft is a state-of-the-art high-wing aircraft that boasts exceptional performance and safety features. Equipped with either a ROTAX 912 ULS, 912 iS (injected) or 915iS Turbocharged engine. The aircraft utilizes a DUC propeller to optimize the powerplant's performance in conjunction with the aircraft's fuselage.

The aircraft's fuselage is constructed entirely of 4130 molybdenum steel tubing, which provides increased robustness and safety for the occupants. The aircraft's aerodynamic design, featuring rounded curves and a sharp nose, allows easy penetration through the air while providing increased internal comfort for the pilot and co-pilot through a larger cabin space.

The aircraft's skin is made of aeronautical grade aluminum, cut with precision using a CNC router machine. This provides a higher quality and precision in cutting and alignment of the rivets, wing ribs, and empennages. The ribs are cut and stamped using tools specifically developed by Montaer Technicians utilizing hydraulic press.

The electrical installation is performed by extremely qualified technicians using only certified aeronautical cables and modern equipment, providing the client access to the latest technology supplied by reputable suppliers.

The lighting system includes strobes, navigation lights, beacon, and LED landing lights. The aircraft features a large rear door on the co-pilot's side for direct access to the baggage compartment, which is one of the largest in its category in terms of volume and cargo capacity.

The aircraft has a 7-hour flight autonomy, thanks to its 36 gallon (or 140-liter) tanks, with an average range of 850 mile. The landing and takeoff operations are extremely short due to the wing profile and weight of the aircraft.

The control system is a yoke type with a "Bonanza-style" stick and steel cables mounted on roller bearings, providing lightness and softness to the controls. The aileron system also features aerodynamic compensation, making the aircraft's handling more enjoyable and allowing for extended flights without the need of constant corrections or interventions from the pilot. These steel cables are joined at the roof of the aircraft, which then controls the aileron through aeronautical grade aluminum tubes.

The stabilator is controlled directly by an aeronautical grade aluminum tube for added safety in movements and the trim is electric. With pilot's comfort in mind, Montaer's flap actuation system is electric as standard. The rudder's mechanism is controlled by steel cables acting directly on the rudder and passing through nylon bushings to avoid friction with the structure of the plane.

In addition to its exceptional performance features, the Montaer LSA aircraft also boasts a high level of luxury and comfort. The interior finishing is of the highest quality, featuring molded fibers, rubberized paint, and leather details that are predominantly featured in the covering of the seats, which can be gray or beige with coffee details, making the Montaer MC01 is an aircraft with a truly unparalleled flying experience.

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