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By Dan Johnson: 6 Mosaic High Wing Light-Sport Aircraft-FAA’s Coming Rule Will Create “mLSA” Sector

"Montaer — This Brazilian MC-01 is available in its home country as a four seat-capable design. It already has a higher weight limit so when Mosaic is released the task should be fairly simple for Montaer to gain FAA acceptance.

Recently I flew the Rotax 915iS-powered Montaer MC-01. I hope to report on that exhilarating experience soon but my flight shows the powerful engine is worked out and ready for larger aircraft.

A look inside Montaer’s MC-01 shows how roomy it is and the design presently comes with a third door more than large enough to permit entry to an aft seat." writes Dan Johnson on the MONTAER MC-01 in an informative/analytical article published in 02/16/2023. Read the entire post by Dan Johnson here.

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