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Ocala Aviation Announces Fleet Modernization with Montaer MC-01

OCALA, FLORIDA, April 3rd of 2024 – Ocala Aviation Services, a premier Part 141/61 flight school based in Ocala, Florida, proudly announces a strategic and transformative partnership with Montaer Aircraft. This collaboration marks a significant step in Ocala Aviation's mission to modernize its training fleet, enhance operational efficiency, and provide unparalleled training experiences to its students. Neither company disclosed the number of Montaer MC-01 aircraft purchased by Ocala Aviation, but it is estimated to be in the double digits.

Established on July 1, 2000, Ocala Aviation has become a cornerstone of aviation training, recognized for its 13,000 sq ft training facility, 12,000 sq ft maintenance hangar, dedicated team of 32 employees, and a robust fleet that caters to a diverse student body, including international students and those affiliated with a major university.

The partnership between Ocala Aviation and Montaer Aircraft, centered on shared aspirations for industry innovation and efficiency was led by a thorough and diligent vetting process by Ocala Aviation's Acquisition Committee. Amidst various contenders, the MC-01 distinguished itself with unmatched design, safety records, efficiency, and versatility, becoming the chosen aircraft to spearhead Ocala Aviation's fleet modernization and cost reduction initiatives. This decision accentuates the MC-01's superior standing in meeting and advancing aviation standards.

"Adding the Montaer aircraft to our fleet will greatly improve our student's experience. Giving the students the ability to learn in a next generation aircraft with advanced avionics will prepare them for the next step in their aviation career." say Dan Martone, Operations Manager for Ocala Aviation.

Last year, SAFE, one of Brazil's premier flight schools, announced the acquisition of 60 Montaer MC-01 aircraft, and a month ago, ROTAX engines spotlighted an exemplary record from SAFE: 4,100 hours of flight in a Montaer MC-01 fleet without a single hitch, a testament to the reliability of both the Montaer MC-01 and ROTAX engines within SAFE's LSA fleet.

Maximizing Opportunities: Ocala Aviation now offers MC-01 Sales and Support

Beyond the significant fleet modernization, Ocala Aviation is embarking on a transformative expansion of its horizon. The company has entered into an agreement with Montaer Aircraft, positioning itself as the exclusive distributor for the Southeast USA. This territory spans all states south of Maryland and West Virginia, extending westward to Louisiana and Arkansas. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Ocala Aviation's growth, extending its offerings beyond aviation training and services to include comprehensive sales and reliable support for Montaer Aircraft customers in this key region.

Additionally, Ocala Aviation now becomes the primary warehouse for Montaer Parts inventory and maintenance in the USA. “For Montaer Aircraft it is a very prudent move to incorporate such reliable institution as Ocala Aviation, with the background of decades in training experience and aviation culture into our strategic plans into the US” said Montaer Aircraft's Executive Director “Montaer will supply Ocala Aviation with volumes of parts inventory for their natural use, and obviously, they will have supplies and specialized labor to offer to our dear customers. It’s a win-win partnership.”

Ocala Aviation will become the authoritative provider of a comprehensive suite of products and services for Montaer Aircraft, encompassing demo flights, training, consulting, financing, annual inspections, maintenance, repairs, overhauls, parts support, and more.

Montaer Aircraft, which recently announced its first sale to Asia among to open a new regional market with a South Korean Flight School, is set to inaugurate its new factory building of over 17,500 sq ft in Brazil in the next couple months. This expansion will increase the production of the Montaer MC-01, expected to reach 36 aircraft this year with the potential to expand to up to 48 next year.


Ocala Aviation is a prominent flight school known for offering a comprehensive range of aviation services. These services encompass flight training for pilots at various levels, from beginners to those seeking advanced certifications. Ocala Aviation caters its training programs based on what the individual needs and what will be best for them to advance in their aviation careers. Whether they are from Holland or Hawaii, Ocala Aviation has the experience and knowledge to take their students to the next level. Ocala Aviation is even able to offer financing to its US students.

Contact: Brad Broersma, General Manager

Phone: +1 (352) 861-7484


MONTAER MC-01 is a New Generation of Light-Sport Aircraft designed and built in Brazil. In the

United States, it is qualified as a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) as it complies with and meets all

industry ASTM standards accepted by the FAA. It is a Superior high-wing model with an all-

metal airframe and unique finishing and craftsmanship. The MC-01 features a welded passenger

safety cell with solid metal rivets and dual yokes. It brings the most advanced avionics

equipment available in the Light-Sport world, including autopilot and full IFR equipment.

The MONTAER MC-01 is a proven, sophisticated, and stable design with docile controls,

reinforced and sturdy landing gear, and a comfortable cabin with impressive room for luggage

accessed by a third door. The MONTAER MC-01 offers versions with ROTAX 912 ULS engine,

912 iS (both with 100 HP), and now, introduces the energy boost of the 915iS with 141HP, and the ultimate 916iS with 160HP.

Contact: Shalom Confessor, Executive Director

Phone: +1 (260) 460-7587

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