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Southern Brazil Floods: The Aviation Community and Montaer Aircraft Overcome Logistical Challenges to Assist Victims

Rio Grande do Sul's Capital, Porto Alegre International Airport Flooded

Amidst the devastating floods that have ravaged northern Rio Grande do Sul, the aviation community has soared to the forefront of relief efforts, providing critical support to victims trapped by rising waters. Pilots, flight schools, and aircraft owners have stepped up in remarkable ways to deliver aid and hope to those affected, overcoming immense logistical challenges.

The owners of Biruta Escola de Aviação, a flight school based in Ijuí, Rio Grande do Sul, were among the first in the aviation community to mobilize their Montaer light sport aircraft for rescue and supply missions. They quickly launched a donation campaign and have since completed multiple challenging flights to deliver groceries and essential supplies to flood victims in the worst-affected regions.

The Montaer, light-sport aircraft renowned for its excellent stability, performance, and cargo capacity, has proven indispensable in these missions, efficiently transporting aid to areas isolated by the disaster. Although not originally designed for such missions, the Montaer's versatility and adaptability, coupled with its ability to navigate challenging terrain and carry significant loads, with excellent authonomy, have shown just how impressive the aircraft can be in this mission.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by relief operations, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) authorized private operators to conduct humanitarian flights to Rio Grande do Sul without compensation. This special authorization allowed operators who do not have permission to provide air services to assist in transporting teams and supplies if their operations comply with Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulation (RBAC) No. 91.

Despite damaged roads, impassable bridges, and widespread destruction, the Montaer aircraft has enabled volunteers to swiftly reach remote and cut-off communities. The bravery and dedication of the pilots and volunteers have provided a vital lifeline, bringing relief and hope to thousands of people in need.

The devastating floods have claimed 100 lives, with 130 people still missing and over 160,000 forced from their homes across nearly 400 municipalities. This natural calamity, unprecedented in Rio Grande do Sul's history, has left hundreds injured and caused widespread destruction of infrastructure. Nearly 100,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, resulting in losses exceeding $900 million.

Governor Eduardo Leite has urged residents to prioritize safety over belongings, as emergency services continue their rescue operations. Contaminated water poses serious health risks, and many areas are still at risk of landslides. However, some residents have been reluctant to abandon their properties due to looting reports.

In response to the crisis, a formidable force of 15,000 soldiers, firefighters, police, and volunteers has been tirelessly working across the state, using boats and jet skis to rescue those trapped and transport essential supplies. However, the aviation community's efforts have played a crucial role in bridging the logistical gaps.

Porto Alegre, the state capital, has been particularly affected. With 1.4 million residents in the city and over twice that in the larger metropolitan area, the flooding has left thousands displaced. Many survivors face numerous challenges, including the lack of electricity, drinking water, and communication networks.

In these challenging circumstances, the aviation community has rallied together, offering not just their aircraft but also their hearts and skills. The owners of Biruta Escola de Aviação have exemplified this spirit with their Montaer light sport aircraft, demonstrating how aviation can be a beacon of hope in times of despair.

The selfless spirit of these pilots, flight schools, and volunteers has made a significant impact in these dire times. Their bravery, combined with the exceptional performance of the Montaer aircraft, has provided a lifeline to those in desperate need of assistance. The Montaer's impressive cargo capacity, stability, and ability to operate in challenging conditions have enabled swift and efficient delivery of aid, ensuring that critical supplies reach the most isolated areas.

As the people of Rio Grande do Sul continue to battle the elements and rebuild their lives, this collaborative effort by the aviation community serves as a testament to the power of unity and compassion. Together, they are flying above the challenges, one flight at a time.

MONTAER stands in solidarity with the people of Rio Grande do Sul and thanks our customers for their noble initiative. Our company is proud to see our MC-01 fulfilling the noble mission of saving lives.

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