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Montaer Aircraft and Ocala Aviation Celebrate Strategic Partnership with bulk Aircraft order at SUN ‘n FUN

Ocala Aviation and Montaer Aircraft Officers Celebrate Multiple Aircraft Order

LAKELAND, FLORIDA, April 11, 2024 – In a significant move to modernize and expand its fleet, Ocala Aviation Services has entered into a transformative agreement with Montaer Aircraft, marking a pivotal advancement in aviation training. Today, at the SUN ‘n FUN Airshow in Lakeland, Florida, this partnership was celebrated with the announcement of a multiple aircraft purchase agreement, details of which highlight a substantial order of Montaer MC-01 aircraft.

Ocala Aviation, a leading Part 141/61 flight school, is renowned for its comprehensive training programs and state-of-the-art facilities, which include a 13,000 square foot training facility and a 12,000 square foot maintenance hangar. This partnership with Montaer Aircraft aligns with Ocala Aviation’s strategic goal to enhance its operational efficiency and elevate the training experience for its students.

The Montaer MC-01, a new generation light-sport aircraft designed and built in Brazil, is recognized for its superior design, safety, and efficiency. Meeting all industry ASTM standards accepted by the FAA, the MC-01 features an all-metal airframe, advanced avionics, including autopilot and full IFR equipment, and is powered by ROTAX engines, ensuring reliable and sophisticated performance suitable for modern flight training.

Dan Martone, Operations Manager for Ocala Aviation, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Integrating the Montaer MC-01 into our fleet represents a significant enhancement to our training capabilities. This next-generation aircraft will provide our students with a highly advanced learning environment, preparing them effectively for their future in aviation."

In addition to the fleet acquisition, the agreement also positions Ocala Aviation as the exclusive distributor for Montaer Aircraft in the Southeast USA, extending their offerings to include sales and comprehensive support services for Montaer Aircraft in the region. Furthermore, Ocala Aviation will serve as the primary warehouse for Montaer parts inventory and maintenance within the United States.

Shalom Confessor, Executive Director of Montaer Aircraft, highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership: “Aligning with Ocala Aviation, an institution with deep roots in aviation training and culture, significantly strengthens our position in the US market. This collaboration is designed to be mutually beneficial, ensuring both parties achieve substantial growth and success.”

Today’s celebration not only marks a significant milestone in the growth trajectories of Montaer Aircraft and Ocala Aviation but also sets a new standard in flight training and aircraft support in the Southeastern United States.

For more information about Ocala Aviation and the Montaer MC-01 aircraft, please contact:

Brad Broersma, General Manager

Phone: +1 (352) 861-7484

Shalom Confessor, Executive Director

Phone: +1 (260) 460-7587

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