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Montaer Aircraft Announces Expansion with New 17,000 Square Feet Factory Facilities

Montaer's New 17,000 square feet Hangar Construction in Feira de Santana, Bahia - Brazil.

Daytona Beach, Jan, 21 of 2024 – Montaer, proudly announces significant expansions to its manufacturing capabilities with the construction of a new hangar building and an annex to its existing factory. These state-of-the-art facilities underscore Montaer's dedication to innovation and excellence in aircraft manufacturing.

The new hangar, spanning an impressive 17,500 square feet, is scheduled for completion by the end of February this year. It is specifically designed to house the assembly and integration sections of Montaer's production line. This expansion comes in anticipation of increased production demands, with plans to build 24 new Montaer MC-01 aircraft in the coming year, and the anticipated four seater, MC-04. The expansion is geared to cater to burgeoning markets in the USA, Asia, and European countries, where Montaer is initiating new agreements.

In addition to the new hangar, Montaer's current factory, encompassing 12,000 square feet, will see the addition of an annex by July this year. This space will be dedicated to machining, composite handling, and painting, bolstered by the construction of an additional booth. These enhancements will further refine the company's capability to produce high-quality aircraft components.

The construction of the new facilities is a collaborative effort with Poliedro Structures, one of Brazil's most reputable construction firms. With the building's covering stage nearing completion, the focus will soon shift to flooring, electrical installations, and sub-sessions. Upon completion, the new hangar will comfortably accommodate up to 28 assembled aircraft, significantly increasing Montaer's production capacity.

Over the past years, Montaer achieved success with its strategic partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Rotax (through Kodiak), Garmin in the USA, and both DUC Propellers and Warp-Drive Propellers. These collaborations are essential in ensuring that each Montaer MC-01 is equipped with top-tier components.

Bruno de Oliveira, CEO and Founder of Montaer, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, "The completion of our new hangar by the end of February and the factory annex by July represents a major leap in our production capabilities and our commitment to continue delivering quality light sport aircraft to our customers. Our partnerships and these new facilities are pivotal in our journey towards setting new standards in the aviation industry."

With its expanded facilities and strategic partnerships, Montaer is reinforcing its position as a consistent player in the light sport aircraft market. The company's commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction remains the driving force behind its continued growth and success.

About Montaer Montaer is a manufacturer of light sport aircraft, renowned for its innovative design, performance, and reliability. Committed to providing the best flying experience, Montaer is a symbol of excellence in the aviation industry.

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