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MONTAER MC-01 now Listed on VREF Aircraft Value Reference Guide



In a significant industry development, MONTAER Aircraft proudly announces the listing of its flagship model, the MONTAER MC-01, on the VREF Aircraft Value Reference Guide. This listing marks a pivotal moment, showcasing the MC-01 as a paragon of engineering excellence and affirming its value proposition to pilots, flight schools, and aviation marketing professionals.

The MC-01's inclusion in VREF is not just a listing; it's a testament to the aircraft's marketability, and reliability. Recognized for its advanced performance, luxurious comfort, and unmatched safety features, the MC-01 has been engineered with precision to cater to the demanding needs of the aviation industry, especially targeting the sophisticated requirements of seasoned pilots and flight training institutions.

Industry Recognition and Enhanced Credibility

VREF's global standing as the most trusted aviation reference source brings unparalleled industry recognition to the MC-01. This endorsement serves as a seal of excellence, reinforcing MONTAER Aircraft' commitment to quality and innovation in the aviation space.

Accurate Market Valuation for Easier Financing and Insurance

The VREF listing ensures accurate market valuation of the MC-01, facilitating smoother financing and insurance processes for buyers. This clarity in valuation is crucial for flight schools and individual owners in making informed purchasing decisions, emphasizing the MC-01's investment value.

Increased Visibility Among Key Stakeholders

The visibility afforded by the VREF listing opens up expansive opportunities for the MC-01, placing it in front of a global audience of aviation professionals, flight schools, and marketing experts. This exposure is pivotal for driving sales and fostering brand recognition in a competitive market.

Benchmarking Resale Value

With VREF's historical data, the MC-01's value retention can be accurately forecasted, providing a reliable benchmark for resale value. This information is invaluable for flight schools and experienced pilots looking for aircraft that maintain their worth over time.

Trust and Confidence in the MC-01

VREF's endorsement instills a high level of trust and confidence among potential buyers and lessees, underlining the MC-01's reliability and quality. This trust is fundamental for decision-makers in flight schools and aviation businesses, ensuring that the MC-01 is a sound, long-term investment.

A Competitive Edge in the Aviation Market

The MC-01's listing on VREF offers a significant competitive advantage, highlighting its unique selling points and superior design. This differentiation is crucial for capturing the attention of discerning buyers and aviation professionals, ensuring the MC-01 stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Supporting Sales and Marketing Initiatives

MONTAER Aircraft takes advantage from the VREF listing in its marketing and sales strategies, showcasing the MC-01's industry acceptance and value retention capabilities. This strategic advantage is instrumental in negotiations and marketing campaigns, targeting experienced pilots and flight schools.

"VREF is thrilled to include the MONTAER MC-01 in our Aircraft Value Reference Guide, marking it as a standout model in today’s aviation market," stated Jason Zilberbrand, President of VREF. "This listing not only underscores the MC-01's exceptional engineering and design but also its appeal and value to a broad spectrum of the aviation community, from flight schools to seasoned pilots. It's a reflection of the aircraft's market viability, innovative features, and the strong commitment to quality and performance by the team at MONTAER. We believe this acknowledgment will greatly enhance the MC-01's visibility and credibility, offering significant benefits to both MONTAER and potential buyers. It’s an exciting development that highlights the aircraft’s potential for strong market performance and lasting value."

The Montaer MC-01 in the USA

"We are immensely proud of the MC-01's VREF listing, a clear indicator of its market acceptance and the high regard in which it is held within the aviation community," said MONTAER Executive Director Shalom Confessor. ”This milestone is a testament to the MC-01 great sales potential and our team's dedication to excellence in positioning the aircraft in the US market, and we are excited about the opportunities it opens for our customers and partners.”

For more information about the MONTAER MC-01 and its VREF listing, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

About MONTAER Aircraft

MONTAER Aircraft stands at the forefront of aviation innovation, dedicated to designing and performance, sophisticated and manufacturing state-of-the-art light sport aircraft that meet the rigorous demands of experienced pilots and flight schools. Committed to safety, performance, and luxury, MONTAER is committed with the future of aviation and safety.

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About VREF

For over 29 years, VREF has been the cornerstone of aircraft and engine valuation services for the global aviation community, emphasizing its role as an unbiased, neutral entity without vested interests in aviation assets. Renowned for its expertise in diminution of value assessments, VREF's team of appraisers is adept at providing trusted expert opinions for various legal, financial, and insurance purposes, including trial testimonies and corporate litigation. Offering a range of services from VREF Verified “On-Demand” Reports for quick, accurate value assessments to comprehensive, USPAP compliant Desktop appraisals by Senior Accredited Aircraft Appraisers (ASA), VREF caters to a broad spectrum of client needs. Additionally, VREF publishes Quarterly Valuation Guides, providing a permanent record of aircraft values, and offers a subscription-based real-time valuation platform for up-to-the-minute aircraft and engine listings, performance data, and more, designed to support diverse aviation valuation requirements.For more details, please visit

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Shalom Confessor

+1 (321) 345-AERO


Jason Zilberbrand

+1 (844) 303.VREF ext 700

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