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ROTAX 916iS with 160HP, now available on MONTAER MC-01

The ROTAX 916iS, the impossible Engine. Now available on Montaer Aircraft

São Paulo, Brazil – Montaer, a beacon of innovation in the light-sport aircraft industry, is proud to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to its flagship model, the MC-01, now equipped with the formidable Rotax 916iS engine. This strategic upgrade catapults the MC-01 into a new realm of performance, offering a potent combination of power, efficiency, and unparalleled flight experience.

The Rotax 916iS: A New Era of Performance

The Austrian-engineered Rotax 916iS engine is the heart of this transformation, delivering an impressive 160HP. Known for its turbocharged efficiency and robust performance, this engine elevates the MC-01, enhancing both its operational capabilities and fuel efficiency. The integration of this powerhouse engine ensures that the MC-01 stands out in the light-sport aviation sector as a symbol of performance and reliability.

An Adventure Across Continents

To celebrate this significant milestone, Montaer is setting the stage for an unprecedented adventure – a "continental flight" from Brazil to the United States in the first MC-01 equipped with the Rotax 916iS engine. This journey will be captured and shared with aviation enthusiasts around the globe through a series of videos on YouTube, highlighting the aircraft's superior capabilities and the breathtaking vistas of aviation.

A Unique Customer Experience

In a fusion of adventure and customer engagement, a dear Montaer customer will have the opportunity to pilot the new MC-01 on its maiden voyage from the factory to its new home. Accompanied by an experienced pilot designated by Montaer, this journey will not only bridge continents but also embody the shared passion for aviation that unites the global aviation community. This expedition will be enhanced by the MC-01's full IFR capabilities, including dual GARMIN G3X touchscreens, GTN 750, autopilot, GMC 255, and terrain altitude sensors Garmin GHA 15, promising a journey of unparalleled exploration and discovery.

Elevated by the DUC Tiger Propeller

The adventure is further amplified by the MC-01's revolutionary DUC Tiger 4-blade, in-flight variable pitch propeller. Manufactured with forged carbon fiber for unmatched durability and performance, this propeller signifies a leap in aviation technology. Its wider chord blades increase aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring a flight experience that is not only powerful but also smooth and responsive across all flying conditions.

More to follow on the next weeks. Stay tuned.

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Can’t wait to see some stats.

Replying to

We too. Flight tests will start this week. Very soon we'll have some stats to share.

All the best, Sir.

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